“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
– Mahatma Ghandi

Free Prescriptions for Living

We’re out to fuel a tipping point in medicine! We believe that prescribing lifestyle changes should be as easy as prescribing medication… and here are our lifestyle medicine programs… we call them Prescriptions for Living.
The PreKure prescription for wellbeing is three-fold:
  1. Live with meaning and purpose
  2. Cultivate your social networks and the support groups you actively give to. We believe in collective and relational wellbeing through whakapapa/genealogy and kinship that supports belonging and identity as key protective factors of hauora/wellbeing.
  3. Eat well… really well, sleep plenty, and move every day.
We believe that both patients and health professionals should be empowered and encouraged to try self-experiments, enabling a deeper appreciation of new treatment approaches. We believe in learning by doing. That’s why we offer a range of health-transformation programs for you to experience lifestyle as medicine.
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PreKure Habits

This 21-day health challenge is all about being focused and disciplined for a short period of time with the goal of giving your wellbeing a boost and setting up some healthy habits.

Health Coach Certificate

We believe Health Coaches have a critical role in the future of medicine. The answer to the healthcare crisis isn’t just more doctors. Doctors play a hugely important role in diagnosing disease and Health Coaches take the lead in supporting people to make the lasting changes required to cure and prevent these disease from occurring in the first place. They also provide the moral and emotional support patients need to make behaviour changes.

PK101: Health & Behaviour Change

Learn how to help your clients or patients achieve real and lasting changes in their health and wellbeing.

PK102: Nutrition: The Science & Practice

Cut through the BS and get science-based nutrition knowledge, tools and confidence.

PK105: Understanding Health Research

Learn what and whom to believe when it comes to health research. Usually $379 USD. 50% OFF for March 2019 ONLY.

Courses coming soon:


PK103: Exercise: The Science & Practice

PK104: Sleep/Stress/Self Management

PK106: Understanding Medications

Continuing Medical Education

We provide continuing medical education courses that are based in the irrefutable evidence that lifestyle medicine works to PreKure disease. Lifestyle medicine is a blend of complex physiology and behavioural sciences that prevent preventable diseases and treats modifiable illness. By completing PreKure’s online courses you will:

  • Discover the evidence base for preventive medicine
  • Change your practice and challenge the mentality of “long” term conditions
  • Have more job satisfaction as you see better health outcomes for your patients suffering with chronic conditions
  • Earn CPD &/or CME points

At PreKure we use this year’s thinking and this year’s evidence. A 2018 Science Advisory just released by the American Heart Association concludes by stating that:

“Enhancing physician education and training in nutrition, as well as increasing collaborative nutrition care delivery by 21st century health systems, will reduce the health and economic burdens from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease to a degree not previously realized.”

Courses coming soon:


PK201: Understanding the therapeutic benefits of LCHF, Keto & Fasting

PK202: Lifestyle Medicine & Cancer: Thriving & Surviving

PK203: Lifestyle Medicine & Mental Health


“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Thomas Edison