We need Health Coaches

We believe that health coaches are currently the missing link in healthcare.

Health Coach Certificate

Become a certified Health Coach with courses by the world’s leading scientists and doctors.

We believe that Health Coaches are fundamental to the successful future of medicine, and while doctors are at the front line of diagnosis, it’s Health Coaches who provide the support that enables people to make the lifestyle changes that are needed.

PK101: Health & Behaviour Change

Learn how to help your clients or patients achieve real and lasting changes in their health and wellbeing.

PK102: Nutrition: The Science & Practice

Cut through the BS and get science-based nutrition knowledge, tools and confidence.

PK103: Physical Activity, Exercise & Health

Update your knowledge and stay abreast of the latest trends and research in exercise and health.

PK105: Making Sense of Research

Learn what and whom to believe when it comes to health research. 

PK106: Medications and Navigating the Health System

Learn the language of medicine and how to collaborate with medical professionals more effectively, and advocate for yourself, a patient, or a client.

Courses coming soon:


PK104: Mind-Body Medicine

Free Lifestyle Medicine Programs

Experience lifestyle medicine for yourself.

The PreKure prescription for hauora/wellbeing is three-fold:

  1. Live with meaning and purpose.
  2. Cultivate your social networks and the support groups you actively give to. Wellbeing through whakapapa/genealogy.
  3. Eat well—really well—sleep plenty, and move every day.

PreKure Habits

This 21-day health challenge is all about YOU. We give your wellbeing a boost and kickstart your healthy habits.

Continuing Medical Education

Upskill in courses that are based on the irrefutable evidence that lifestyle medicine works to prevent disease.

Lifestyle medicine is a blend of complex physiology and behavioural sciences that prevents preventable diseases and treats modifiable illness. By completing PreKure’s online courses you will:

  • Discover the evidence base for preventive medicine.
  • Change your practice and challenge the mentality around long-term conditions.
  • Enjoy more job satisfaction and see better health outcomes for your patients suffering from chronic conditions.
  • Earn CPD and/or CME points.

At PreKure we use the very latest thinking and evidence. A 2018 Science Advisory, just released by the American Heart Association, concludes:

“Enhancing physician education and training in nutrition, as well as increasing collaborative nutrition care delivery by 21st century health systems, will reduce the health and economic burdens from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease to a degree not previously realized.”

Courses coming soon:


PK201: Understanding the therapeutic benefits of LCHF, Keto & Fasting

PK202: Lifestyle Medicine & Cancer: Thriving & Surviving

PK203: Lifestyle Medicine & Mental Health


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Ghandi