There is no pill for prevention

So we’re Flippin’ Health

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Flippin’ Health will bring you the IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that Lifestyle Medicine works to PreKure disease.

We must create a tipping point and shift from a sickness system to a health system.
Together we can change medicine.

#PreKureDiabetes #PreKureHeartDisease #PreKureDementia #PreKureCancer

Together we can eliminate the over-prescribing of medication that offers little or no benefit, poor nutritional advice and programs which don’t work, and have the health community embrace lifestyle (behaviour, nutrition, exercise, mind-body) as medicine.
That’s a vision we believe is worth fighting for.
We will interview leading experts, those making the change, and people with incredible turn-around stories using Lifestyle as Medicine. Let us know if this is you, we’d love to hear and share your story.