What is PreKure?

PreKure is a social enterprise dedicated to The World Health Organization (WHO) definition of human health in its 1948 constitution: “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

We believe that to advance population lifespan, and more importantly our health and happiness span we must PreKure. We must prevent ill-health in the first place and optimise for hauora/wellbeing.

We do this through our Lifestyle Medicine Movement, our Medical Education and our Prescriptions for Living.

What is a Social Enterprise?

Enterprise with Purpose. Social Enterprises are purpose-driven enterprises that trade to deliver social and environmental impact.

What does PreKure do?

1. PreKure trains, develops and accredits Health Coaches. PreKure Health Coaches are the best in the world.
2. PreKure is a continuing medical education provider for medical professionals.
3. PreKure educates and provides FREE prescriptions for living courses to the general public.

Who is PreKure?

We are a team of health professionals highly educated in the science and practise of lifestyle medicine.

Professor Grant Schofield – Public Health
Dr Lisa Dawson – Oncologist
Dr Simon Thornley – Epidemiologist
Dr Caryn Zinn – Dietitian
Dr Catherine Crofts – Pharmacist
Dr Chris Reid – General Practise
Dr Louise Schofield – Behavior Change
Sonja English – Registered Nurse

See About Us for more information.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

In scientific terms it is a blend of complex physiology and behavioural sciences that prevents preventable diseases and treats modifiable illness. We define Lifestyle Medicine as a personalised prescription of behavioural sciences and psychology, nutrition, sleep and movement.

Are PreKure courses registered as Continued Professional Development?

CPD & CME points available. We are in the process of gaining NZQA L4 Qualification for our Certificate of Health Coaching.

12.5 CPD REPs points also available per course.

What does the PreKure logo mean?

Our PreKure logo icon represents ‘moving towards a cure’. This is represented by the arrow pointing towards the ‘k’ in the light green, and the ‘k’ in the darker shade of green.


I’m a General Practitioner, why should I join PreKure?

Because you can be the change in medicine that you want to see. Here are three ways to achieve this:
1. Join the movement that tackles the root cause of disease
2. Discover the evidence base for preventive medicine
3. Change you practice and challenge the mentality of “long” term conditions