Continuing Medical Education

PreKure’s medical education courses are aimed at upskilling and educating health professionals in Lifestyle Medicine.

We will help people die young… as old as possible, by using food and movement as medicine. We can eliminate the over prescribing of medication that offers little or no benefit, poor nutritional advice and programs which don’t work, and have the health community embrace nutrition as medicine.

And that’s a vision we believe is worth fighting for.

At PreKure™ we use this year’s thinking and this year’s evidence. A 2018 Science Advisory just released by the American Heart Association concludes by stating that

“Enhancing physician education and training in nutrition, as well as increasing collaborative nutrition care delivery by 21st century health systems, will reduce the health and economic burdens from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease to a degree not previously realized.”


Level 1

Health Coach Certificate

PK101: Behaviour Change: The Science & Practice

Learn how to help your clients or patients achieve real and lasting changes in their health and wellbeing.

PK102: Nutrition: The Science & Practice

Cut through the BS and get science-based nutrition knowledge, tools and confidence.

Courses coming soon:

PK103: Exercise: The Science & Practice

PK104: Sleep/Stress/Self Management

PK105: Understanding Research

PK106: Understanding Medications

Level 2

All Health Professionals

Courses coming soon:

PK201: Lifestyle Medicine & Diabetes: Reversing & Thriving

PK202: Lifestyle Medicine & Dementia

PK203: Lifestyle Medicine & Heart Disease

PK204: Lifestyle Medicine & Cancer: Thriving & Surviving

PK205: Advanced Research 

PK206: Lifestyle Medicine & Mental Health

PK207: Lifestyle Medicine & Menopause

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Thomas Edison